Separate Ways is all about SAVING YOU TIME and MONEY while helping you to gather all the information you need into one place.


Separate Ways helps you keep track of all the important details you need while going through a Separation, Breakup or Divorce.


Separate Ways is specifically designed to guide you through the trying and sometimes expensive process of a Breakup, Separation or Divorce by making the daunting but vital task of documenting all the important details quick and easy.


The initial interview style startup gets you up and running very quickly.


You’ll SAVE time (and money) with lawyers, feel one step ahead of the game, empowering you to secure your best possible outcome. 


Keeping a diary is always recommended when going through a Separation, Breakup or Divorce. The challenge with a traditional diary is that after a prolonged period it becomes increasingly hard to recall and find the important diary entries when the time comes. Separate Ways has solved this with its Comprehensive Diary module with sophisticated search capabilities. This alone could save you $1000s when it comes time to write an affidavit outlining the events during Separation, Breakup or Divorce.



- Manage all the people of interest in one place.


- Gather all you financial information into one place SAVING TIME and MONEY when compiling your financial statements.


- Manage all the partnership's Assets and Liabilities providing detailed reports on what's assets are wanted by who.


- Compile a profit and loss style report of all your expenses and income.


- Manage and document what time you spend with you children and how much you spend on you children.


- Comprehensive Diary with sophisticated search capabilities.


- Easily send detailed reports and information to your legal team, allowing them to incorporate the information into their submissions.


- Your data is always secure with the In App Password Code protection and screen locking.



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